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Kevin & Jackie C. - Amherst, NY

"...Jim is not in this business just to make a sale. He has a passion for what he does that he has carried with him for the past 30 years in this business..." 

Jim is a titan of industry when it comes to the Western New York real estate market. At the time of this writing, the real estate market in WNY is very hot (even in February). Potential home buyers need to make huge financial and life-changing decisions after perhaps only spending 20-30 minutes in a home. This is a scenario that is stressful, to say the least. Successful buyers and sellers in this market need to team up with an agent that has extensive knowledge in WNY area and has the resources to be able to act quickly and accurately. Jim is a victim of his own success. Honestly, if it was just Jim working, alone, I’m not sure he would be able to keep with the multiple demands of his clients. Fortunately, Jim stacks a deep bench with the “Hoffman Team”. Jim plays to the strengths of his team and is continually developing newer agents as they come up in this field. Jim has a good eye when it comes to walking through houses and can catch issues (hidden or otherwise) in only a few seconds. Jim’s tough love, when it comes to houses, can be exceptionally frustrating at times. But it’s all for the best! Jim looks out for his clients and helps them to stay focused on the big picture of overall resale value. There were several houses that my wife and I fell in love with. Jim was able to come through and point out subtle issues in certain areas. While, at the time, this got a bit frustrating, I can now safely say, at the end of the day, it was all worth it and in our best interest. Jim ultimately supported us and guided us through to the best decision. Good business is based on relationships. Jim is well connected in the WNY area. My wife and I had gone through nearly 50 open houses. Almost every realtor we talked to knew Jim. These personal connections help when a walk-through or offer needs to happen quickly, in a hot market. More than just real estate connections, Jim’s team is able to coordinate across the life-cycle of the buying/selling experience. Jim’s team was able to either suggest or reach out to the multiple parties that are involved in a buying /selling transaction. Parties such as financiers, legal support, construction trades, and home inspections were all relationships that Jim’s team was able to either suggest or manage. They even provided a pre-closing checklist of all the local utility customer service numbers for easy transition of service. In short: Jim’s team was, almost, a turn-key solution. Jim and his team embrace the latest emerging technologies that have become a big part of how homes are bought and sold. Jim leverages technology for everything from online listings, virtual tours, contract signing, and even customer management. When I first met Jim, he was working an open house for a home I stumbled upon by happenstance. I was fairly new to the market at that point and did not yet have a lot of parameters wrapped around what I even wanted. In short: I was not a serious buyer. Regardless, Jim took the time to simply talk to me about some market basics. The conversation wasn’t even anything pertaining to the sale of that particular home he was working, it was purely academic. Jim is not a sales person, he’s a matchmaker. He helps people find the best-fit homes. Jim is not in this business just to make a sale. He has a passion for what he does that he has carried with him for the past 30 years in this business. There’s simply no substitute for that amount of experience.


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