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Will & Tiffany S. - Tonawanda, NY

"...During the home inspections, Amber was INSANELY knowledgeable and I tend to ask a lot of hard questions..."

Not all agents are created equal!!! I have bought and sold a few houses and worked with 4 different agents other than Amber over the last 10 years. She is the first one to really stand out; prior to her, I had the impression all agents were about the same. 4 traits make her great and her "greatness" saved me A LOT of money and time. She is 1) no bull s**t 2) a REALLY good educator 3) strong negotiator 4) knows her stuff. My wife and I were in the market for 18 months with another agent before Amber!!!! What took us so long to buy you ask.....our previous agent never set us straight. They let us keep our unrealistic expectation of finding a "super-low-cost deal". While EVERYONE loves a bargain...it's a seller's market and a BRUTAL one at that. We LOST 6 DIFFERENT HOUSES before working with Amber. So when we started working with her, she let us know before we looked at our first house what it took to actually win a home. Had we known that 2 years ago...we would have bought 2 years ago. So much wasted time going through open houses EVERY weekend for 2 years and doing over 50 home walkthroughs. After house hunting with Amber for just 2 months, WE WON OUR DREAM HOME. During the home inspections, Amber was INSANELY knowledgeable and I tend to ask a lot of hard questions. I've owned a couple duplexes in North Buffalo and Kenmore over the last 10 years, so I know a healthy amount about Buffalo homes, neighborhood values, and renovations.....and she STILL taught me a ton. In the end, that extra knowledge made me comfortable putting in a more aggressive bid (I tend to be VERY picky and VERY frugal) and we won the home. Lastly, she is a hell of a negotiator. While we had to offer over asking to win the home, she brought in the MOST STRINGENT home inspector I have ever seen and we were able to negotiate $2500 bucks back after that inspection. This brought the final home price to $1300 under asking!!! Do yourself a HUGE favor, interview 2 or 3 agents and make sure one of them is Amber. In the end, you'll pick her and she will save you a TON of MONEY and TIME. Don't lose 2 years worth of Sunday mornings like us! Work with her, put in serious bids and win a rocking home!

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